Keep in mind that owning and customizing a sex doll should be done in a respectful and consensual manner, and it's important to adhere to any legal and ethical guidelines regarding such purchases in your...

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The type of breasts on life-size sex dolls can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and customization options chosen by the buyer. Sex dolls are designed to cater to various preferences, and as such, you can find sex dolls with different types of breasts, including: Small Breasts: Some sex dolls have smaller, more natural-sized breasts, resembling the proportions of an average woman with an A or B cup size. Medium-Sized Breasts: Many sex dolls come with medium-sized breasts, which may be in the range of a C or D cup. These provide a balance between natural and more prominent breast sizes. Large Breasts: For those who prefer a more voluptuous appearance, there are sex dolls with larger breasts, sometimes in the range of DD cups or larger. Customization: Some sex doll models allow buyers to customize the size and shape of the breasts, along with other physical features, to meet their specific preferences. It's important to consider that the choice of breast size on a sex doll is a personal one, and what's most appealing will vary from person to person. When selecting a sex doll, youIf it is your first time to buy, it is recommended that you first buy a doll with medium sized boobs, which will give you a certain understanding of the size. Secondly, you can choose the torso of the doll and the sex doll heads to try to assemble the doll you like. can often