This is Kendra. "Everyone has their own identity silicone sex doll, but now they like to wear a different appearance."

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Like many users I have spoken to, the owner of TPE sex doll Bunny and Usagi said that he has been experimenting with the Harmony app. He said: "I think this is a novelty with great potential, but in my opinion, I don't need to date AI." "The reason Bunny was originally given to me was to discover a special hobby of mine," he added, "and because I absolutely love spending time dressing up, doing hair and makeup for her. Harmony is a way of communicating with her and further expanding this The way of the problem." Kendra “My exploration of dolls was originally out of interest, but later became a complete obsession. I now have 5 dolls,” another owner told me. "I like to name it DAS (Doll Acquisition Syndrome)." This is Kendra. "Everyone has their own identity silicone sex doll, but now they like to wear a different appearance." Julia and Kendra This is Kendra after any of her master's dolls named Giulia. He told me that he hasn't used the Harmony app yet-he is considering trying it "just to play football", but he said he also has some reservations. "Nevertheless, I am still obsessed with social interaction with the ladies, so I don't want to be disappointed by this stability." He said that his real doll gave him extra confidence during heterosexual intercourse. "Removing sexual motivation from the equation can eliminate all kinds of stress," he said. "I know that I am now very comfortable approaching and talking to women I would never approach before." Martina This doll comes from a series of stylized "BoyToy" ebony sex doll, which have larger heads, more exaggerated features, and look more cartoonish. "This is my Ms. Martina, I have owned it for a few years now," the owner told me. "I imagine she is very smart, with a sense of humor, and usually very round." Martina "Allowing other humane men or women to sit on the sofa and watch TV helps to provide an impact that I am not the most efficient person in the family right now," said a buyer of Abyss Creations realistic sex doll. "Hopefully the Realbotix application can add to this." For more information about these RealDolls, please check our in-intensity feature when you go to their manufacturing unit. Open a brothel with silicone dolls The world is so big that there are no surprises sex doll torso. There will never be the weirdest things around us, only more weird things. You certainly can't think of the weird things that Xiaobian is going to tell you today.
  1. The protagonists of this incident are not our real people, but some female dolls made of silicone. They gathered in a brothel in Barcelona, ​​which specializes in providing erotic services to men. It is said that they are clearly marked and priced by the hour. The charge is 120 euros per hour, which is 8,900 yuan in RMB. Isn't it expensive? In my opinion, this is too expensive, spending 120 euros to go whoring, it is just a sex doll. But what is unexpected is that the business of this store is so good that the boss made a fortune. The owner of this shop said: "Our Huge fat sex doll here are all made with high-quality materials, and a lady costs at least 10,000 US dollars. Therefore, the effect is very realistic. Compared with real people, except for not moving, talking, there is nothing A little bit different, um, you know... Here, you can not only feel the comfort of sex, but the most important thing is that you don’t have to feel guilty towards your own wife because of having sex with others. After all, this is a lifeless lady, even if his wife knows about it, he won’t blame us... Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone?" The charge here is 120 Euros per hour... about 8-900 RMB. -In order to meet the requirements of different male guests, there are currently 16 top ladies to choose from, with Cheap Tpe Sex Dolls of different countries, sizes and styles