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For those who don't normally use Sexdolls, it may be difficult to imagine what masturbation item they own. Love dolls, also known as Dutch wives and Aldo dolls, are doll-like masturbation items that provide the feeling of having sex with a woman. Many people are very insecure when they first get involved with love dolls and choosing a doll can quickly become a headache. It is important that you know the key points of selection before purchasing. There are two types of realistic dolls: silicone dolls and TPE dolls. These are divided according to material. Besides, there are life size liebespuppen, only top and bottom, and you can freely choose the doll of your choice according to the price and purpose. Weight and size of chubby sex dolls can vary from price to price. So if you are looking for a love doll, you should read on. This article deals with various aspects of sex dolls. Properties of the material Currently, the materials for sex dolls are mainly differentiated between silicone and TPE. You can find a detailed comparison of these two materials in the Silicone vs. TPE sex doll blog. Here we will only give a brief description and compare only the main advantages and disadvantages of the two materials. Advantages of TPE sex doll: Inexpensive, soft to the touch, durable. Advantages of silicone Lebensechte Sexpuppen: more delicate to the touch, more realistic in appearance, non-allergenic in heat. Easy to clean. Disadvantages of TPE sex dolls: easy to get dirty, difficult to maintain. Disadvantages of silicone sex dolls: expensive, not as soft as TPE. If you want your big butt sex dolls to be soft and feel comfortable, you should choose the cheaper TPE material. Size and price We know that sex dolls are usually categorized by size, the bigger the sex doll, the more expensive it is. Of course, the larger the sex doll, the heavier the weight, life-size sex dolls usually weigh 30-40 kg, so when choosing a sex doll, you need to check the specific body parameters so that you can take a better measurement. Beginners should be reminded that there are some sellers who do not provide the body information of the sex dolls and this should be brought to your notice. In fact, it is very likely that they are selling fake Mini Sexdoll. Reputable sellers like new sex doll add detailed data on each product page for customers' reference. Features of sex dolls 1. separate and one-piece In most cases, sex dolls have separate heads and bodies. If it is seamless and one-piece, it will usually be specifically marked. We recommend you choose the separate type because it is easier to clean. With the development of sex doll manufacturing technology, separate sex dolls can already be made to look no different than one-piece ones. This means that the advantages of the one-piece Silikonpuppen are also present in the separate sex dolls. In addition to the body, the vaginas of the sex dolls also differ in a similar way. Firm vagina: like a real human. Removable vagina: The vagina is separated from the body and can be removed. Unlike the structure of the body, when choosing the type of vagina, we recommend that you choose a one-piece vagina. Because the experience of using it is better.

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