There are a wide variety of silicone sex doll on the market, and the prices are ridiculous, ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 to 5,000. Manufacturing the material itself that causes the price difference....

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There are a wide variety of silicone sex doll on the market, and the prices are ridiculous, ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 to 5,000. Manufacturing the material itself that causes the price difference. Sex dolls are mainly made of bone and silicon, and bones are mainly made of steel and synthetic metal through joints. The difference is the use of steel or clad metal. The fuselage is mainly made of platinum silicone or silicone or new medical food-grade polymer materials. The new medical food-grade polymer material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, in line with FDA food grade, and will not cause skin allergies or other symptoms. New medical food grade polymer material, soft to the touch up to 0 degrees. The material of the sex doll is very close to the softness and deformation of the body, the joints are deformed perfectly, and the face is very close to a fake, even if it is a real person. It can be placed in different positions, and both hands and feet can be bent. The low-priced dolls listed on the Internet are all fakes, and all counterfeit ordinary love dolls are incomparable in appearance, workmanship and function. Sex dolls are objects made of special materials, medical food-grade polymer new materials. The cheap goods sold on the Internet are all fake and shoddy, and the actual materials, workmanship and materials are very different. The sex doll has beautiful appearance, good colloid quality, good reliability, reasonable bone structure, good strength and free movement. The skeleton can stand independently and is easy to store without occupying space. It also features whole-body smart temperature regulation and exclusive heating technology. As a new type of medical food polymer material, it is a material with high elasticity, high strength, elasticity of rubber, injection molding properties, mainly because it does not produce oil well. mechanism. 165cm Busty Lover's Wheat Skin Best Sex Doll-Angie People are getting more and more open-minded, and tpe sex doll have never been as superficial as before. Now, as sex dolls gradually embrace sex dolls, searches for sex dolls on the Internet are also increasing. Sex dolls are still very expensive, but Chinese people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and many people can still afford them. We all know that sex dolls are tools used to meet individual needs in place of real people. Second, what are the characteristics of sex dolls? Sex dolls are a fun tool that can get very close to real people. Features include: 1. Today's sex dolls have very high artificial leather, and the material is non-toxic, tasteless, tactile, and very durable. clean. The skin of the mini sex doll is delicate and shiny, and the touch is closer to real skin. 2. All the joints of the sex doll can be moved and can be transformed into various postures you need, and you can have a more comfortable experience in the process of use. So you can do whatever you want, but you can use it as a sexy, charming, beautiful, thoughtful little sweetheart. 3. It can simulate the body temperature of sex dolls, and the automatic heating design heats the chest to 37 degrees Celsius, which is close to the actual temperature of the human body and is closer to the actual feeling of people. At present, the price of sex dolls is generally around tens of thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. With the improvement of people's living standards and the opening of people's thinking in China, more and more accommodation for sex dolls is available. Sex dolls are a good choice for the pursuit of high quality.