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The UK Encourages Dentists to Discuss Smoking’s Dangers

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On March 9, the United Kingdom (UK) celebrated No Smoking Day. Yet dentists around the world can take this opportunity to discuss the links between smoking and oral health. In particular, they can...

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You’ve got to have infected blood introduced into blood in enough dosage to get infected

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That’s not going to happen in a Cavitron spray,” Bednarsh said. “And to withhold a standard of care from somebody based on their HIV status is not only unethical and poor practice, it’s also illega...

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Root Canals Aren’t What They Used to Be

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Dr. Manor Haas uses microscopes and other visualization technologies for root canal treatment that's superior to the painful stereotype that many patients fear dental instruments. “Root canals aren...

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Attract the Right Patients with Lead Generation

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Attracting new patients is crucial to sustaining and building a strong practice. However, patients today have an infinite number of options when it comes to selecting a dentist. Every other practic...

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Technologies Enable Early and Accurate Oral Cancer Detection

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Traditional methods of visualization and detection of oral potentially malignant lesions (OPML) and oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) involve a conventional oral examination (COE) with digital pa...

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Lastly, devices that utilize reflectance spectroscopy such as the Identafi and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) from Olympus Medical Systems can enhance the underlying vasculature in the mucosa and provid...

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Brushing Made Smarter Philips Launches Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected

Salute e Benessere dental implant machine

The first digitally connected product from Philips Oral Healthcare designed specifically for adults, the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected features Bluetooth wireless technology to allow patient...

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Democratizing Surgical Success

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SLA printers, which began life as high-end industrial machines operated by trained technicians, were once prohibitively expensive. Even today, dental labs or practices investing in them could pay u...

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The Dentist’s Guide to Placing Implants in Simple Cases

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A simple implant is one that has obtained a simplistic design using cutting-edge technologies and materials to cover a broad range of applications. Zuga Medical’s dental implant process is a drill-...

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Delivering Brand Experiences

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Understanding the intent and expectations of your patients is key to creating videos that build brand connections. We have transitioned to a mobile-dominated media age. Consumers expect to be awed...

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Snapchat—Not Just for the Kids Anymore

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Have you ever heard the 1920s song, “Fifty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong”? Well, the owners of the latest Internet phenomenon, Snapchat, aren’t wrong either. According to Entrepreneur, the app g...

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Suspected Mycobacterial Infections Follow Pulpotomies

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The Orange County (OC) Health Care Agency and other public health organizations are investigating mycobacterial dental infections among pediatric patients who had been treated with pulpotomies at t...

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How to Convince Your Patients That Flossing Is Important

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The release of the article in The New York Times calling flossing “overrated” has caused a plethora of patients to question the need for this essential oral hygiene practice. As dental professional...

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Is Your Marketing Campaign Tricking or Treating Your Patients

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You’re busy, so when you hire a marketing company to help you promote and build your business, you expect them to put forth at least as much effort as you would if you had the time. And they’re doi...

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Immediate Dental Implant Placement and Loading of Implants

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Sponsored Editorial Immediate placement and immediate loading of dental implants have been buzzwords for several decades dental supplies. Increased patient demands and expectations have encouraged...

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