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AnteaLuce, le lampada dal design moderno

Attualità casa illuminazione luce style

Collezione lampade parete e soffitto in cristallo extra - chiaro con serigrafia centrale satinata, cornice calamitata in metallo bianco laccato. Cablaggio led realizzato con tecnologia LED 220V che...

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Nude selfies, cold shoulders and the Hadids: the year in fashion

Intrattenimento dresses fashion style

The most influential outfit of the year featured no clothes at all

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Check out Local Style Talent at Fifth Annual Portland Fashion & Style Awards

Intrattenimento dress fashion style

Fashion lovers take note: the fifth annual Portland Fashion & Style Awards (PFSA) will take over the Portland Art Museum 6 p.m.

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Vintage-Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Musica bridesmaid dress fashion style

You dress like a retro diva in your free time, and your wardrobe is packed with cool vintage pieces. But when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, you stick to traditional dresses that leave you feel le...

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Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month In Style With 10 Fashion Finds

Intrattenimento dress fashion style

This month, think pink. October is Breast Cancer Awareness, and it’s easier than ever to show your support. Each of these fab finds helps the cause in style.

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What to do when you are invited as a bridesmaid

Intrattenimento bridesmaid fashion style

You don’t want the richer bridesmaids calling all the shots, while the budget-crunched bridesmaids seethe with resentment. That, unfortunately, happens in some bridesmaid groups... but not your bri...

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Style Gallery of the Evening Looks

Estero dress evening dress evening dresses fashion style

Hi everyone! How are you all? It’s always great to write for my fashion blog. So I might keep blogging for about 3 times per month. I really love to share my lovely dresses with you chics. I hope a...

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Sleek in Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses

Intrattenimento bridesmaid dress fashion style

It’s getting to be cold fall again, that time when it’s bitter cold outside and the bridesmaids are forced to smother your gorgeous dress under a bundle of layers but

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How To Wear Coloured Jeans With Style

Italia style

Nowadays, coloured jeans are available in stores in plenty. These types of bottomwear have become a refreshing relief from the traditional blue or black ones. But, one should know the style of wear...

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How Alessandro Michele made Gucci great again

Eventi style

  The Gucci effect. This is perhaps the best way to describe the influence that one Italian label is having on our fashion habits right now. Even those who have never heard of Gucci will have notic...

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A Quick Survey on Bridesmaids

Musica bridesmaid dress fashion style

A few months ago, we asked you to share some thoughts on being a bridesmaid today with a quick survey. The goal of the survey was to find out what it’s really like to be a bridesmaid today. We all...

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Latest Designer Bridesmaid Dress Showroom

Eventi bridesmaid dress fashion style

I am SO THRILLED to share some newly released bridesmaid dress 2017 line with you. I have shared some stylish bridesmaid dress photos on my Instagram. This ready to wear brand that you know and lov...

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Can Amber Heard Guide You?

Estero amber heard evening dress fashion look style

When you see the title, you must think that I am mentioning the divorce thing between her and her husband Johnny Depp or the so-called affair with Billy Bob Thornton. But no, I am not. I am a fashi...

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Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses Lined Up

Musica bridesmaid dresses fashion style

  Good morning, everyone. I have attended a playful woodsy wedding as bridesmaid last weekend. It is hold in a backyard, filled with fresh hydrangeas, colorful paper cranes, and a whole lot of pers...

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6 Secrets of a stylish woman

Eventi dress style women

Elegance is not tangible, but is perceived in everything: in the way of walking, in size, in the way they talk and even tone of voice, movements of hands and a slight smile in the details minimum t...

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