Why should I buy a sex doll

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Yes, I don't like women. I have never had sex with any woman since 2013 realistic sex dolls . I used to have my own girlfriend, but she betrayed me. At the end of my business trip at the end of 2013, I wanted to surprise my girlfriend who had been talking for 6 years and proposed to her. I bought the ring and the words, but when I entered the house, I wanted to kill her, yes. She was lying naked on my bed with my best friend, and she was using her mouth to give my brother oral sex boy sex doll , her face looked like eating another delicious lollipop, and her mouth smashed Sucking sound. My ring and flowers fell to the ground, and my heart was broken. For a long time I have been using alcohol to numb myself, and I will no longer trust any woman in this world. Every time I want to have sex, I rely on hands and ebony sex doll to solve it 160cm Irontech Real Sex Doll