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Why are more and more people buying sex dolls With the development of the times, we find that many people now start to buy sex dolls. People who used to buy realistic sex doll are embarrassed to take them out. Now people take their sex dolls out even in the morning. What is the reason for this phenomenon? After our research, we believe that there are several reasons; One: The pressure of life becomes greater As far as China is concerned, marrying a wife in Jiangxi, China, will cost 300,000 yuan for the bride price alone, plus other costs. This is not something an ordinary family can afford male sex doll , but young people have a lot of sexual desire, so in order to satisfy My sexual desire had to be replaced with a sex doll. Two: the husband and wife split between two places or the wife is pregnant We all know that men’s sexual desire is unbearable, but cheating can easily happen when the wife is not around or there is no way to satisfy the man’s sexual desire bbw sex doll . In order to reduce the chance of men cheating, wives have to buy them for their men. With a sex doll, when he can't satisfy a man, there is a person who can vent to a man.