The Italian dramaturgy, between comedies and dramas, is the upright and unequivocal common thread of the new 2016/2017 season of the Teatro della Cometa in Rome. "I've always looked for in the prog...

Teatro della Cometa in Rome, the new 2016/2017 season

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The Italian dramaturgy, between comedies and dramas, is the upright and unequivocal common thread of the new 2016/2017 season of the Teatro della Cometa in Rome.

"I've always looked for in the programming of the Teatro della Cometa to build a balanced schedule between comedies and more structured work from the dramatic point of view - says the artistic director Giorgio Jar - We open and close the season with two shows decidedly comic while inside are even something more serious. Almost all jobs are of Italian drama with references to themes and topics that are now very topical. Also we include a few works with musical references, they have always enjoyed the favor of the public ".

The season opens early, on September 28 with Three dad and a baby, comedy Antonio Grosso directed by Roberto D'Alessandro tells the theme of fatherhood and love for the children. Space to motherhood with the award-winning Moms! The first varieties on motherhood with Carla Ferraro, Valentina Martino Ghiglia, Laura Mazzi, Silvia Siravo, moms-actresses who tell between the serious and humorous their experience.(school formal dresses)

Gianni Clementi confirms appreciated "writer in residence" of the Comet with three very different shows between them: Barbary - Barva, capiddi and mandulinu! (From October 19) is an intense text that tells Sicily through the histrionic talent Massimo Venturiello that treads the stage with an authentic Sicilian orchestra beard, tell an Italy of old times; Till death do us part - or W spouses is an ironic comedy about marriage and the contemporary. And from December 14 it is staged the comedy Beautiful nights, a short story, directed by Claudio Boaccaccini, which tells the double occupancy of a Roman high school by 17 young people in 1969 and to the present day.

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Following its success in the previous season, it was inevitable to come back on stage even No place is far away, wrote the text and directed by Giampiero Rappa and starring Joseph Tantillo and Valentina Cenni, with music by Stefano Bollani (his partner in life and on stage Dada in the Queen), but returns to the scene also appreciated the work of Francesco Apolloni: directed by Vanessa Gasbarri, Risk - quell'irrefrenabile desire for power with foresight tells the decadence of the old political class and the birth of the new.

Even comic texts with the couple Michela Andreozzi and Massimiliano Vado offering Ring Leonore Confino, 17 paintings on the life of the couple, on the lives of two, between laughter and drama and music with the exciting Yves Montand - an Italian in Paris starring Gennaro Cannavacciuolo (from 22 February), the protagonist of a recital in two stages with the quartet, piano, bass, drums and saxophone / alto to tell between music and words, the life of the singer-actor.

He made his debut on the stage of Comet, with Alessandro Benvenuti Who takes center stage, a kind of comic thriller, an experiment to discover.

End of season from May 10 with Marco Zadra and his Zadriskie Point workhorse that puts on display the qualities of man show actor-director who here plays a hypochondriac artist.

The season also includes a non-subscription staged at Cometa Off, the theater in Testaccio that host 3 to 13 November, Piano sale, based on the novel by Andrea Vitali Adriano Evangelisti, original music by Patrick Maria D'Artist and directed by Raffaele Latagliata.(red formal dresses australia)


In addition to the prose season, to signal a special project, very interesting: The art Comet is the new space of afternoon meetings aimed at a diverse audience and passionate about cultural issues. The 11 planned conferences (from October 2016 to April 2017) will be held every Wednesday (at 18) with the aim of enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage of Rome offering an ideal journey through the universal language of past, present and future. Protagonists of the meetings will be eelatori leading from academia, but also cultural figures, including Alexander Viscogliosi, Costantino D'Orazio, Barbara Briganti, Arnaldo Colasanti, Giorgio Muratore, Roberto Valeriani and William Villa. To close the festival, the meeting dedicated to the fashion and cinema with the participation of Pino and Stefano Strabioli Dominella that will end with a party in the foyer of the theater and the show of clothes from the historical collections of well known Roman fashion houses. This year the theater of Comet supports Africa Yes Onlus, an association that raises funds for the training and education of children living in the slums of Nairobi in Kenya.