Elegance is not tangible, but is perceived in everything: in the way of walking, in size, in the way they talk and even tone of voice, movements of hands and a slight smile in the details minimum t...

6 Secrets of a stylish woman

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Elegance is not tangible, but is perceived in everything: in the way of walking, in size, in the way they talk and even tone of voice, movements of hands and a slight smile in the details minimum that fascinate and love everyone. And, especially, in the authenticity.

The elegance have dedicated many articles, personal training and several films. But you can not pigeonhole into a frame, you can only feel and emanate.

1. An elegant woman is always aware

Often, we are rushing to do our errands with angry face. Or We shake eyebrows while we wait. Why does this happen? Because if we do not think about the facial expression we bring, always becomes surprisingly hostile.

An elegant woman is aware of herself every second. Basically it's a lifestyle. You do not have to do forced smiles, but you can keep in mind your image, not for others, but for yourself. Not only when you are in public places, also being one elegant woman behaves with the same size and does not find it difficult. It just becomes a lifestyle, and you do not feel like behaving differently, and do not feel good about it.(formal dresses melbourne)

2. An elegant woman knows love herself

Mujer elegante

An elegant woman knows how to relax, listen to the silence and emotion can admire the clouds instead of looking at the screen of your phone. It is not overstrained. It wants herself.

Not in the habit of sacrifice for the happiness of others or some success at work, because when you are calm and relaxed, exudes happiness for loved ones, and everything goes well at work. Load the outside world with their energy of love, monitors the level of their batteries recharged and removed in time.

3. It is impossible to unbalance

An elegant woman receives the drawbacks with a joke, not in the habit of taking it all staff and not waste time in grudges. Because none of that matters! Fate gives us all a multitude of reasons for suffering, but if we begin to actively use not overtake us or forces or energy. One must know how to give priority to their own emotional well-being.

An elegant woman does not waste time in gossip: your self-esteem is in order. Not bad-mouthing you find someone, does not review the profiles of their old friends in social networks to rejoice from their failures.

4. This woman knows how to receive admiring glances

An elegant woman never goes unnoticed and knows how to receive compliments and admiring glances. It is not blinded by the lights of fame but not ashamed to call attention to their presence. It recognizes itself and knows he does not have to feel uncomfortable with compliments.

You do not have to answer timidly: "this blouse my mom gave it to me" if your coworker makes you a compliment. Just be thankful. Because it is important to value herself.

5. feel comfortable with her body

If you think a sophisticated woman should have a wasp waist and hip exemplary better forget about this kind of ridiculous prejudices. We often see how lovely they look robust women showing off their bulky forms, but if they can present themselves well: if not wrapped in tight jeans, if they will not fit on waisted dresses 2 smaller sizes, but dress according to your figure . The voluminous shapes are beautiful, do not try to fit into the rules of modern fashion!(http://www.dressesmallau.co/black-formal-dresses-c104/)

6. It acts depending on the situation not according to the rules

The last secret is: be organic in any situation. Do not go to a picnic in a crop top, do not wear heels if you only want to go for a walk and you do not have an official suit rostizarte if it is very hot.

They do not believe those who say it is unacceptable not bring heels, classic clothing that guarantees success, and bring loose hair is in bad taste.


If you are sure your hair looks tidy, let her hair down. If you do not feel comfortable in heels, do not torture yourself, you can choose some nice shoes or no less elegant dancers. And do not lock your individuality in black and white costumes, which are more classic.