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Why aspiring fashion designers should study maths

postato da teganlucas il 21/05/2018
Categoria: Italia - tags: fashion
In a design studio at the University of Technology, a young model twirls in a white wedding dress made from a single piece of cloth while Sydney-born fashion and textile designer Mark Liu looks...

The sapphire skirt collocation method

postato da teganlucas il 08/05/2018
Categoria: Italia - tags: dress
Have you mastered the popular elements this year? If you want to be a fashionista, you can't know how to accessorize your blue dress.

Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

postato da teganlucas il 26/04/2018
Categoria: Attualità - tags: milano
Although the bridesmaid's clothing is not as exquisite as the bride's wedding dress, it should also be well dressed. Recommend a bridesmaid dress for you!

All kinds of bridesmaid dresses go with your wedding.

postato da teganlucas il 25/04/2018
Categoria: Attualità - tags: 123323
Bridesmaid dresses should not be overshadowed by the bridal veil,

How to choose the bridesmaid's shoes (2)

postato da teganlucas il 24/04/2018
Categoria: Estero - tags: milano
The bridesmaid is the second most important role in the wedding, and the dress and makeup is also highly demanding, which needs to be well matched with the new bride and the wedding style. So what...

Tips on choosing a dress.

postato da teganlucas il 23/04/2018
Categoria: Attualità - tags: ssdd
Some brides choose dresses that seem too revealing.

Small dress (2)

postato da teganlucas il 23/04/2018
Categoria: Attualità - tags: small dress
4. Color matching The British aristocratic beige dress.

Evening dress (3)

postato da teganlucas il 20/04/2018
Categoria: Italia - tags: zzzz
(1) black is never out of style. It's best to dress up when you want to dress up, but it's best to combine the theme colors and the popular colors. If you don't have time to choose a chic dress,...

Formal bridesmaid, prom dresses being accepted for Cinderella Project

postato da teganlucas il 13/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: bridesmaid + formal dresses + prom dresses
Although it's January, a local effort is already beginning its work to help area girls short prom dresses uk for prom.

Michelle Obama’s Navy-Blue Dress Was a Subtle Nod to Solidarity

postato da teganlucas il 12/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: dresses + fashion + michelle obama
Michelle Obama’s approach to fashion has been lauded over her eight years in the White House.

Offers Cheap Prom Dresses and Quinceanera Dresses in 2017

postato da teganlucas il 11/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: 2017 + cheap + prom dresses + quinceanera dresses
Marieprom is one of the fast-growing ecommerce businesses in China

Golden Globes fashion both unexpected and mundane

postato da teganlucas il 10/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: fashion + golden globes + princess + sarah jessica
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Princess Leia hair. Ruth Negga’s space-age silver gown. Evan Rachel Wood in a boyish-yet-feminine tuxedo.

5 great love songs for the modern wedding

postato da teganlucas il 09/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: dress + song + wedding
At laaaaaaast, my looooove has come along

The Religious Reason Why Jinger Duggar’s Wedding Dress Train Was So Long

postato da teganlucas il 07/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: dresses + wedding
Jinger Duggar’s wedding short prom dresses uk, specifically her super long train

Why it makes sense for Amazon to buy American Apparel

postato da teganlucas il 06/01/2017
Categoria: Intrattenimento - tags: dresses + fashion
In the past year Amazon has launched a range of projects from voice-recognising devices to shops without cash registers.
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