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An Oklahoma Town’s Oral Health Challenge

postato da lilyeven12 il 30/01/2018
Categoria: Social Network - tags: dental lab supplies australia
The city of Shawnee, Oklahoma is exploring ways to improve the dental health of its residents. As this newspaper article reports, local dentists have seen a spike in cavities since the community...

Truth Is a Frequent Casualty

postato da lilyeven12 il 29/01/2018
Categoria: Cellulari e Telefonia - tags: dental handpiece
Anti-fluoride activists often spin or misrepresent the facts when they attack fluoridation. A good example is the letter to the editor from an opponent that was recently published by a Kansas...

Bottled Water and Your Children’s Teeth

postato da lilyeven12 il 29/01/2018
Categoria: Informatica - tags: dental implant machine
Do your children drink bottled water instead of tap water? Then their teeth could be paying the price dental supplies. Here is why. Fluoride is a mineral found in nearly all water supplies but...

Updating Practice Management Software to Stay Current and Compliant

postato da lilyeven12 il 26/01/2018
Categoria: Cellulari e Telefonia - tags: micro motors australia
Staying current is a challenge that places additional pressure on dentists and their teams. One of the most important but often underutilized technologies in the practice is the existing practice...

i-CAT FLX V8–Expanding Options for General Dentists

postato da lilyeven12 il 22/01/2018
Categoria: Religione - tags: micro motor
3D CBCT imaging can play an essential role in many procedures that often need specialty treatment outside my office. That is why I recently invested in an i-CAT™ FLX V8 3D imaging system. For...

Make Your Voice Heard In the Fluoride Debate

postato da lilyeven12 il 19/01/2018
Categoria: Calcio - tags: mobile dental unit
I am not a dentist, but I care about my community’s health. The Ascendancy Compared To Traditional Treatments? for more information.When I came to work at the National Network for Oral Health...

i-CAT 3D Imaging for Your Present and Future Practice

postato da lilyeven12 il 19/01/2018
Categoria: Fumetti e Cartoni Animati - tags: scian nebulizer
When learning about implants during my residency, 3D imaging was a significant part of the evaluation and planning process. 3D scans allow for measurements that facilitate precision. With this...

Delta Dental Highlights 3 Reasons to Choose Tap Water

postato da lilyeven12 il 16/01/2018
Categoria: Agriturismi - tags: dental supplies
A recent Delta Dental of Washington blog post tackles the topic of staying hydrated in the summer heat mobile dental unit. The blog post reinforces the benefits of adequate hydration and drinking...

Experts Criticize Thyroid Study

postato da lilyeven12 il 12/01/2018
Categoria: Salute e Benessere - tags: implant machine
Health and medical experts are raising concerns about a newly released study that linked fluoride in drinking water with hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce a...

Sheridan, Wyoming Begins to Fluoridate its Water Supply

postato da lilyeven12 il 12/01/2018
Categoria: Informatica - tags: turbine air compressor
After a number of years of discussion and planning, Sheridan implemented its fluoridation program on January 9, 2015. Community water fluoridation is a public health strategy that has been proven...

New Study Fluoridation Holds “Greatest Promise”

postato da lilyeven12 il 10/01/2018
Categoria: Radio TV - tags: dental vacuum forming machine
Guest blog contributed by the Children’s Dental Health Project Nearly one in four preschool-age children (23%) in the U.S. has experienced tooth decay. It’s encouraging to know that this...

Journalist’s Resource Takes On Fluoride Misinformation

postato da lilyeven12 il 09/01/2018
Categoria: Animali e Natura - tags: dental curing light
Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy Journalist’s Resource recently published Fluoride in water in the United States and public health misinformation: Research review....

Empowered, Citizens of Lake City, Florida Reinstate Fluoridation

postato da lilyeven12 il 09/01/2018
Categoria: Informatica - tags: vacuum forming machine dental
Lake City, Florida might have a cautionary tale to tell, but it’s one with a happy ending. This small community recently came together to fight for the health of their families. Despite efforts to...

EPA denies petition to end fluoridation in the United States

postato da lilyeven12 il 08/01/2018
Categoria: Fumetti e Cartoni Animati - tags: water picker
On November 23, 2016, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and other groups delivered a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requesting that the agency “prohibit the purposeful...

Tobacco 21 Protecting the Mouth and the Rest of the Body

postato da lilyeven12 il 04/01/2018
Categoria: Pubblica amministrazione - tags: mobile dental unit
Here’s a quick challenge: make a list of the reasons why you should never start using tobacco products. Was improved oral health among them? Preventing early onset of tobacco use is an important...
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