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wifi jammer is an important tool to protect WiFi networks

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As you look around you will find that a wireless jammer is no different than a small office. We have a large number of devices connected to different networks in our house. There are network...

How to choose and install signal jammer in dormitory

postato da gpsstorsender il 11/09/2020
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In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile phones, it is not uncommon for students to use mobile phones to affect their lives and studies. Many teachers who inspect the dormitories at...

High quality jammer

postato da gpsstorsender il 25/08/2020
Categoria: Estero - tags: mobile phone signal jammer
Since the initiation of our business, we are primarily focused in manufacturing, exporting and supplying optimum high quality jammer like Mobile Phone Jammer MJ50M, Mobile Phone Jammer 1101B,...

Use cell phone jammers for exams

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For some time, auditors have seen more and more remedies through the use of so-called cell phone blockers.

How does the cell phone signal jammer work?

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Mobile phone signal jammers have become standard equipment in the examination room. Not only the high school and college entrance examinations, but also postgraduate exams, civil service exams and...

How to tell if the phone has been "hacked"

postato da gpsstorsender il 04/08/2020
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1. On-line monitoring: This method cannot be detected by any anti-monitoring technology. It is a national monitoring technology and is suitable for any monitoring method (landline phone...

GPS jammer is a very convenient technology

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As everyone knows, with a remote jammer, you can use a long-distance jammer kit, and no one will notice what you are doing. Today, the remote control kit provides us with many conveniences, and...

Was ist ein Handy-Signal-Störsender?

Handy Störsender,Störsender,WiFi Störsender,drohne störsender

Verwenden Sie handyblocker, die 5G-Netzwerke blockieren

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Verwenden Sie handyblocker, die 5G-Netzwerke blockieren


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Installieren Sie einen Störsender, um den Missbrauch des Telefons zu begrenzen.

Handy-Blocker hält Besprechungen am Laufen

Handy-Blocker hält Besprechungen am Laufen

Schützen Sie das Netzwerk mit einem Handy-Blocker

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Categoria: Scienza - tags: gps storsender + handy blocker + handy storsender + wlan storsender
Schützen Sie das Netzwerk mit einem Handy-Blocker

Was ist, wenn ich ein Ortungsgerät in meinem Auto installiert habe?

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Nicht alle Menschen befolgen diese Richtlinien. und ihre lauten Anrufe ohne Zurückhaltung verursachen ernste Belästigung zu anderen.
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