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Chinese immigration marriage fraud: Two years in fed prison for Green Card scheme

postato da RubyNiall 1 ora, 17 minuti fa
Categoria: Estero - tags: marriage
A Santa Fe Springs man was sentenced Monday to two years in federal prison for orchestrating an immigration fraud scheme that involved his daughter and Chinese nationals who paid tens of thousands...

There is no dilemma to big or small, Auntyji can solve them all!

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Categoria: Italia - tags: weddings
We migrated from Fiji to Australia over 20 years ago and so have a large family community here in Sydney. My wife and I live with my parents and everything is going along perfectly. But Auntyji, I...

Dressing the Part: Melania Trump at the White House Easter Egg Roll

postato da RubyNiall 6 giorni, 1 ora fa
Categoria: Italia - tags: fashion
The nudge the first lady gave President Trump, apparently to remind him to put his hand over his heart for the national anthem at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, may have become the...

Why You Should Act Like Your Mother is Your Wedding Planner

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If there was a word that is the equivalent to saying that a bride is a bridezilla, but in real estate, what would it be? For instance, if the agent’s client is a royal pain in the ass and...

How to Plan a Wedding While Attending College

postato da RubyNiall il 06/04/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: bridal
For many of us, college is a brand-new experience with lots of adventures. For some of us, college is a place where we will fall in love. For others, including myself, college will be a time when...

Lukewarm on Marriage But Love Free Stuff? Go to a Wedding Expo!

postato da RubyNiall il 31/03/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: nuptials
Like a lot of people, I have complicated feelings surrounding marriage. Like everybody, I really like free stuff. Where better to explore and indulge all of these emotions than at New York...

Husband who accidentally donated his wife's wedding dress

postato da RubyNiall il 28/03/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: wedding dress
Although same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Thailand, an increase in same-sex weddings will hopefully be a step toward legalizing all kinds of love. The southern province of Chumphon celebrated...

Win £100 worth of vouchers for your wedding outfit at Wat's On Boutique

postato da RubyNiall il 21/03/2017
Categoria: Gossip - tags: wedding outfit
Do you have a wedding coming up? Unsure what to wear? Are you interested in saving £100 off your wedding outfit? Everybody knows that buying an outfit for a wedding comes with plenty of stress -...

Anglican church weddings reach record low

postato da RubyNiall il 16/03/2017
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Anglican church weddings

Frankie Ballard Gets Married

postato da RubyNiall il 13/03/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: weddings
Frankie Ballard Gets Married

Putting the Wild in Wild West

postato da RubyNiall il 06/03/2017
Categoria: Gossip - tags: fashion show
They have been blazing the charts with their hot new hits. And Little Mix proved they will be blazing the screens also, as they stripped down to the skimpiest ensembles for their new video for No...

Kitty And Steve's Las Vegas Wedding

postato da RubyNiall il 01/03/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: weddings
When I matched with Steve on eHarmony I knew he was the man for me as I always wanted a man who just ‘got’ me and we clicked instantly. Our relationship seemed to flow, like we were the missing...

The Terrace at Salado a warm, welcoming space for weddings

postato da RubyNiall il 27/02/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: weddings
Co-owner Peggy McLaren describes The Terrace at Salado as warm and welcoming. Many wedding ceremonies are held in the well-manicured outdoor area, with the bride and groom standing on a wooden...


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