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City seeks to cut the cost of weddings

postato da RubyNiall 1 settimana, 3 giorni fa
Categoria: Medicina - tags: weddings
A PROPOSAL to bring down the cost of weddings in Tongxiang, a city in east China’s Zhejiang Province, has sparked a debate. It called for newlyweds to restrict the cost of wedding meals to no more...

Tips for choosing wedding flowers

postato da RubyNiall il 07/07/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: wedding flowers
Most brides picture themselves walking down the aisle, with a drop-dead bouquet of flowers. It is traditional to buy some type of flower for every member of the wedding party. Wedding flowers show...

Dowry dispute stops Thai wedding, groom walks out

postato da RubyNiall il 28/06/2017
Categoria: Gossip - tags: thai wedding
A dowry dispute caused a wedding in the northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima to go off-script on Saturday. When the groom’s family didn’t show up with enough cash, he walked out, his...

An Urban-Inspired Camp Wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate

postato da RubyNiall il 24/06/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: wedding
Shortly after Anna Kostenko joined Eric Guggenheimer’s group at their investment banking firm, the pair began flirting with one another—and the bounds of professionalism. “We worked together for...

This Swarovski Heiress's Wedding Is Basically a Real-Life Fairytale

postato da RubyNiall il 22/06/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: wedding
Everyone dreams of a fairy-tale wedding, but when Victoria Swarovski tied the knot with property developer Werner Mürz over the weekend, she actually looked like a princess. The 23-year-old...

Dispatches From a Feminist Bride

postato da RubyNiall il 16/06/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: bride
In part three of Catalyst Wedding Co. editor Liz Susong's new weekly column devoted to the feminist bride, she dives headfirst into the history of giving away the bride. It's a wedding tradition...

Would you give up family tradition to marry the one you love?

postato da RubyNiall il 12/06/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: family tradition
PRINCESS Mako, the 25-year-old granddaughter of the emperor of Japan, is planning to marry a commoner — a highly controversial move that highlights just how much a person will give up for love....

Say hello to the Summer Bride

postato da RubyNiall il 08/06/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: brides
The new-age bride is all about the lightness and she’s far from looking over bejewelled or bedecked with ornate clothing,” quips Anaita Shroff Adajania, Fashion Director, Vogue India. Anaita...

Cortney LaShea McAfee Weds Joseph Lee Rush

postato da RubyNiall il 03/06/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: weds
Cortney LaShea McAfee and Joseph Lee Rush, both of Chuckey, were married at 4 p.m. on April 22, 2017. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride’s parents, Paul and DeAnna McAfee, of...


postato da RubyNiall il 25/05/2017
Categoria: Gossip - tags: wedding
By popular demand, Darkstuff Productions’ wedding reception from hell sets sail again. Following last September’s sell-out run, Bristol site-specific specialists Darkstuff re-launch their...

why are more women choosing to marry themselves?

postato da RubyNiall il 18/05/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: mariages
When 38-year-old Sophie Tanner celebrated her second wedding anniversary on Tuesday, there were none of the usual trappings - no flowers or romantic meal for two; no hastily purchased card sealed...

Geisler Farms expands to hold wedding events

postato da RubyNiall il 16/05/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: wedding
The eastern Polk County area is adding another wedding reception venue to its repertoire. Geisler Farms near Bondurant recently completed an expansion to their Red Shed venue. The goal was to...

majority of Jewish Israelis want marriage outside rabbinate

postato da RubyNiall il 12/05/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: mariage
A poll released Wednesday to mark the upcoming Lag B’Omer holiday indicates that a majority of Jewish Israelis are personally interested in marrying outside the auspices of Israel’s Chief...

COMMENT I'm getting married this year - and everyone assumes I'm dieting

postato da RubyNiall il 09/05/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: wedding
Diets and weddings - whether we like it or not the two are just intrinsically linked. Afterall, if a woman is getting married there's an assumption that she will be going on some sort of diet,...

Miles couldn't keep them apart

postato da RubyNiall il 05/05/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: weddings
They were born at opposite ends of the country. But fate made sure newlyweds Christine Lenihan and James Forbes would one day meet and fall in love. They found each other online and unlike the...
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