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The conflict about the use of mini cameras

postato da Lemons16 il 04/02/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseupshop
These days we have a conflict between the Commissioner and the municipal police of the city of Belgrade. The source of the conflict are cameras that are equipped with individual municipal police...

Apple Watch 2: Learn all about the new Apple smartwatch

Over expectation. On 7 September, Independence day in Brazil, Apple launched its new smart watch model, the Apple Watch series 2 or simply Apple Watch 2. The gadget will run the operating system...

Pebble smart watch. Personal experience of using

In this article I will discuss all aspects of life with Pebble and summarize all the knowledge about these smart phone watches, whose charges of $ 10 million are still on Kickstarter record. When...


It can be as problematic or simplistic to use and install, as you make them. Let's explore some of the most common problems associated with home surveillance camera and how to solve them quickly....

Samsung creates chip which can reduce the size of the smart watches

postato da Lemons16 il 17/10/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: cheap smart watches
Samsung has created a chip called the Exynos 7 Dual 7270, which aims to reduce the size of smart watches and makes them more independent. The chip is facing the first wearable technology using a...

The camera in the spy movies

postato da Lemons16 il 30/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseup
The films featuring secret agents continue to emerge. One can cite the case of James Bond that each of these new editions encounter a strong success. Beyond the senario and the role played...

Samsung announces its new generation of smartwatches - that will be compatible with iPhones

postato da Lemons16 il 29/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseup
No one knows if the event next week will bring news related to Apple Watch, but Samsung has decided to surround himself with all the possibilities and anticipate announcing updates on its own line...

Microsoft is preparing its own smart watch, says site

postato da Lemons16 il 26/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: the best smartwatch
Microsoft will finally enter the modern wearables market - at least that is what ensures Forbes. According to the publication, the company should book an event in the coming weeks to present their...

The big problem for Apple Watch

It is in the name. Even Tim Cook calls the intelligent iWatch watch Apple has established a tradition of adding an "i" in front of the name of their products. So it is with the iMac, the iPhone...

Spy devices: what are the most relevant?

Every person in life can be a situation where it needs to be aware of what is happening with the personal absence. Very often we need proof for building a line of defense in court confirm his...

That hidden cameras in nursing homes

postato da Lemons16 il 21/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseup
Sturgis Police were alerted to the abuse, as Boyd daughter Brittany Boyd, and her aunt, Vicki Hullinger, a camouflaged camera decided place in the room, her mother in the elderly care facility....

Clock Spy Hidden Camera

postato da Lemons16 il 20/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseup
A spy watch is a functional watch that incorporates elements for espionage, in the case of watches have best small spy camera, with features depending on the model, as they can be watches for men...

Knappa, a camera cardboard

postato da Lemons16 il 19/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseup
The cardboard cameras are not a new invention, have been available for several years in shops specializing in photography makes, and also in the Lomo Muji stores or Japanese chains. These are spy...

How to configure an IP camera with a Mac

postato da Lemons16 il 18/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseupshop com
There are two things that increase with the growth of the economic crisis: the betting industry and the security industry. People tend to achieve economic stability through the streets that appear...

intelligent i'm Watch

postato da Lemons16 il 14/09/2016
Categoria: Italia - tags: wiseup
Wireless technologies can increase the versatility of its smartphone and turn into all kinds of tools. This is the case of this smart watch developed by the Italian company Blue Sky, the "i'm...
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