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Laser Impact Strengthening to Build Advanced Equipment

postato da Eyes123456 il 26/10/2017
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In the 1970s, the United States took the lead in studying the microstructural changes and dislocations of the surface of the material after laser shock

Laser Transmission Welding

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Thermoplastics contain amorphous plastic and semi-crystalline plastic.
World's Most Powerful Laser Pointer

Laser Cutting Machine Advanced Material Cutting Method

Laser cutting machine processing as an advanced material cutting tools, has become increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers.
Best Burning Laser Pointer

Laser Lithography System

In the study of pulse width broadening, the research group put forward a pulse broadening structure composed of double beam splitter and multiple mirrors.

Laser manufacturing technology

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The old equipment after cladding is new, the performance of the equipment substrate is even more than before, the soft material will be more soft and the hard material will be more Hard; small and...

Laser TV Into People's Lives

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