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Mafia City H5

Mafia City H5: How will you expand your family and become a Godfather

The unexpected death of your father propelled you to the topmost hierarchy of the mafia, your father and Maroni co-founded. However, the ambitious Maroni has something else in mind… something that...

Mafia City H5 - The Strategic Mafia Browser Game from Yotta Games studio

postato da Beatrira il 15/08/2018
Categoria: Estero - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
making any number of combinations viable as you continue through the rest of the gangster mafia games. Each of the eight characters also gains a set of unique path abilities that are used outside...

Mafia City h5:Details beyond that are pretty slim

postato da Beatrira il 13/08/2018
Categoria: Estero - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
Torchlight Frontiers brings a shared world to the series' existing universe, due 2019Perfect World and Echtra Games unveil "next evolution" of the Torchlight series.When Torchlight and Hob...

create politically-charged stories following the work done on Mafia City

postato da Beatrira il 08/08/2018
Categoria: Estero - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
I was concerned about the "uplifting" remark so during the audience Q&A I asked about it, and whether Yotta Games felt a sense of responsibility to create politically-charged stories following...

Yotta Games offers up more criminal activity for you to do in Mafia City

postato da Beatrira il 02/08/2018
Categoria: Economia - tags: mafia
She keeps insisting her English isn’t very good, but she's had a lot of practice at the game. About six years ago, Mafia — or the “Killer Game,” as it’s known there — became huge in China. Dozens...

Mafia City Game Developers Will Continue to Focus on Storytelling

Kolar said the developer's excessive focus on visual details came at the expense of having adequate time to implement "Player control and animation," "Cars and city traffic" and a more adequate...

Yotta games win if they successfully eliminate all the mafia city members

postato da Beatrira il 21/07/2018
Categoria: Animali e Natura - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
How to win the Mafia game? The Yotta games win if they successfully eliminate all the mafia members; Mafia wins as soon as there are an equal number of Mafia and Citizen members remaining at the...

Mafia City: How to Play Mafia Online?

postato da Beatrira il 16/07/2018
Categoria: Eventi - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
Mafia City: How to Play Mafia Online?The worst thing that can happen while playing a game as large as Mafia City is to progress really far only to die or turn the game off while forgetting to...

Mafia city h5 is quick and easy to set up

postato da Beatrira il 03/07/2018
Categoria: Eventi - tags: city + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
Groups splinter off according to arcane variations -- someone wants to play with the Slut and the Invalid, someone else with the Vigilante and the Veterinarian, someone else with all four. Rules...

What an excellent setting for the game Mafia City H5

postato da Beatrira il 12/06/2018
Categoria: Estero - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
Mafia City made its first appearance this week at YOTTAGAME, and beyond the scene-setting first trailer (which you can see below), the team at Yotta Game had a half-hour of city-roaming and...

Closed Beta Test of Yotta Games’ Mafia Themed "Mafia City H5" Begins

postato da Beatrira il 26/04/2018
Categoria: Giochi - tags: city + h5 + mafia
Yotta Games has recently announced the start of Closed Beta Test with their game " Mafia City H5 " on April 23, 2018

Fundamental changes to the core mechanics meant that Soul Calibur 6

postato da Beatrira il 05/03/2018
Categoria: Italia - tags: soul calibur
Soul Calibur, Then there’s Nightmare, who in Unreal Engine 4 looks absolutely stunning. The corrupted Siegfried still uses the Soul Edge, the giant blade with the eye, covered in glowing armour...

Duel Evolution Is Now a Yu-Gi-Oh-Style Card Game For TCG fans

postato da Beatrira il 18/01/2018
Categoria: Giochi - tags: duel evolution
Duel Evolution Is Now a Yu-Gi-Oh-Style Card Game For TCG fans

Instantfuns announced in Sep that Pokemon Mega,now millions of gamers

postato da Beatrira il 29/12/2017
Categoria: Pubblica amministrazione - tags: anime + game + pokemon + pokemon mega
The poster, which was uploaded by NeoGaf user GSR and seen below, has Lillie posing with a Pokè Ball, which pokemon online seems to confirm she completed her goal of becoming a trainer. Pokemon...

Pokemon Mega: The future of Pokemon word,welcome to travel!

In the US, the bloom is off the game. It is still sitting atop the top grossing chart as it has for some time, but no longer among the top 10 free apps in downloads, possibly because darn near...
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