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Pokemon Mega

Revealing the new Co-Op Feature for Pokemon Mega

postato da Beatrira il 26/09/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: anime + game + pokemon + pokemon mega
Pokemon Mega, Lacerate (Max Level): Deal (302%+11240) DMG to all enemies with a 100% chance to Crit, and Bleed targets for (30%*ATK) DMG per turn for 2 turns.5D browser MMORPG with a vast virtual...
video Gods Origin Online

Gods Origin Online, With the VivaGames announcement of the official launch

postato da Beatrira il 13/09/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: game + god + rpg
The new hyper is the lion warrior Arslan, who, like many of the game’s hypers, is this close to major copyright infringement. The new map is called Dragon Refuge, a single-lane, fantasy-themed map...

Dragon Ball Z Online has a large community and countless features

postato da Beatrira il 12/07/2017
Categoria: Videogame - tags: ball + ballz + dragon + games + online
"Yeah the scripts are done and they blow Dragon Ball Online Game out of the water," said DBZ Game about the second season of Dragon Ball Z Online.Dragon Ball Z Online's improved job system has...

Learning different abilities in Dragon Ball Z games online

postato da Beatrira il 05/07/2017
Categoria: Social Network - tags: ball + ballz + dragon + games + online
Majin, however, has hinted at possibly releasing an exclusive costume.There's a lot that could have gone wrong in updating the characters and environments for a newer generation, and it's entirely...

Take part in Dragon Ball Z Online PvP battles to get awards

postato da Beatrira il 26/06/2017
Categoria: Social Network - tags: ball + ballz + dragon + games + online
This doesn't really change the gameplay at all, aside from some new Dragon Ball Z game evolutions to master and a few other special Dragon Ball Online evolution techniques.This week, for example,...
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