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What an excellent setting for the game Mafia City H5

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Categoria: Estero - tags: city + gangster + mafia + mmorpg + yotta
Mafia City made its first appearance this week at YOTTAGAME, and beyond the scene-setting first trailer (which you can see below), the team at Yotta Game had a half-hour of city-roaming and...

Closed Beta Test of Yotta Games’ Mafia Themed "Mafia City H5" Begins

postato da Beatrira il 26/04/2018
Categoria: Giochi - tags: city + h5 + mafia
Yotta Games has recently announced the start of Closed Beta Test with their game " Mafia City H5 " on April 23, 2018

Fundamental changes to the core mechanics meant that Soul Calibur 6

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Categoria: Italia - tags: soul calibur
Soul Calibur, Then there’s Nightmare, who in Unreal Engine 4 looks absolutely stunning. The corrupted Siegfried still uses the Soul Edge, the giant blade with the eye, covered in glowing armour...

Duel Evolution Is Now a Yu-Gi-Oh-Style Card Game For TCG fans

postato da Beatrira il 18/01/2018
Categoria: Giochi - tags: duel evolution
Duel Evolution Is Now a Yu-Gi-Oh-Style Card Game For TCG fans

Instantfuns announced in Sep that Pokemon Mega,now millions of gamers

postato da Beatrira il 29/12/2017
Categoria: Pubblica amministrazione - tags: anime + game + pokemon + pokemon mega
The poster, which was uploaded by NeoGaf user GSR and seen below, has Lillie posing with a Pokè Ball, which pokemon online seems to confirm she completed her goal of becoming a trainer. Pokemon...

Pokemon Mega: The future of Pokemon word,welcome to travel!

In the US, the bloom is off the game. It is still sitting atop the top grossing chart as it has for some time, but no longer among the top 10 free apps in downloads, possibly because darn near...

Craze around the Pokemon game is a huge step up from its humble beginnings

Here’s how to play online Pokemon games and use Instantfuns:The craze around the Pokemon game is a huge step up from its humble beginnings as an April Fools joke launched by instantfuns in 2017....
Stainless steel bar

Jaway Stainless steel prices help boost company performance

postato da Beatrira il 07/11/2017
Categoria: Attualità - tags: stainless steel
Events: On October 28, 2017, JawaySteel released the third quarterly report 2017: the company achieved revenue of 17.172 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2017, an increase of 15.36% over the...

Pokemon Mega game is browser-based and no plugin or download is required to play

Are you saying my game pikachu online is dumb? I’ll have you know my Pokemon Mega took seventh place in the 2014 Poké Spelling Bee. I would even venture so much as to say my Pokemon Mega is among...
pokemon Mega

It definitely took a while to make preparations for Pokemon Mega

postato da Beatrira il 25/10/2017
Categoria: Giochi - tags: mega + pokemon
While some free mmo games decided to put more weight into the PvP aspect, other free online Mega Pokemon follow the hunting path more.
Pokemon Mega

Revealing the new Co-Op Feature for Pokemon Mega

postato da Beatrira il 26/09/2017
Categoria: Italia - tags: anime + game + pokemon + pokemon mega
Pokemon Mega, Lacerate (Max Level): Deal (302%+11240) DMG to all enemies with a 100% chance to Crit, and Bleed targets for (30%*ATK) DMG per turn for 2 turns.5D browser MMORPG with a vast virtual...
video Gods Origin Online

Gods Origin Online, With the VivaGames announcement of the official launch

postato da Beatrira il 13/09/2017
Categoria: Estero - tags: game + god + rpg
The new hyper is the lion warrior Arslan, who, like many of the game’s hypers, is this close to major copyright infringement. The new map is called Dragon Refuge, a single-lane, fantasy-themed map...

Dragon Ball Z Online has a large community and countless features

postato da Beatrira il 12/07/2017
Categoria: Videogame - tags: ball + ballz + dragon + games + online
"Yeah the scripts are done and they blow Dragon Ball Online Game out of the water," said DBZ Game about the second season of Dragon Ball Z Online.Dragon Ball Z Online's improved job system has...

Learning different abilities in Dragon Ball Z games online

postato da Beatrira il 05/07/2017
Categoria: Social Network - tags: ball + ballz + dragon + games + online
Majin, however, has hinted at possibly releasing an exclusive costume.There's a lot that could have gone wrong in updating the characters and environments for a newer generation, and it's entirely...

Take part in Dragon Ball Z Online PvP battles to get awards

postato da Beatrira il 26/06/2017
Categoria: Social Network - tags: ball + ballz + dragon + games + online
This doesn't really change the gameplay at all, aside from some new Dragon Ball Z game evolutions to master and a few other special Dragon Ball Online evolution techniques.This week, for example,...
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