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Why focusing on progress is key

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Focusing on progress, instead of perfection, can make it much easier and enjoyable to reach your goals dental supplies. Here are some benefits of focusing on progress: It motivates you to keep...

Are Any of Your Teeth Impacted

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Sometimes patients come in with their teeth impacted. This is more common than you might think water picker. With many patients having wisdom teeth that are just not able to come out, baby teeth...


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It may seem surprising, but some research suggests that there is a connection between poor oral health and dementia. Studies show that tooth loss in seniors is correlated to poor performance in...

Today’s Technology Can Bring Needed Health Care to Underserved Children

postato da lilyeven12 il 27/11/2017
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With millions of Californians gaining health and dental coverage under the Affordable Care Act, the demand for doctors and other providers is greater than ever. Health care professionals are...
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