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Wedding: il web diventa protagonista dei preparativi di nozze

postato da vincenzo13 il 05/08/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: matrimonio + nozze + web
Il web è ormai diventato leader nell'organizzazione delle nozze, sempre più coppie scelgono di farsi consigliare nelle loro scelte da wedding websites specializzati e spesso approfittano dei...

The Secret of Getting the Right Prom Dresses for Your Personal Style

postato da promdresses il 17/08/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: prom dresses + prom gowns
Prom is probably one of the most memorable moments of any teenager's life, and if you want to be the girl that everyone remembers, you must choose the right dress. Oftentimes, finding and choosing...

Wer sich uber Laserpointer derart ereifern kann

postato da shirayukihimi il 30/06/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: laserpointer 10000mw + laserpointer 500mw
Was den Spieltrieb betrifft nutze ich den Laser auch als Taschenlampe drinnen wie draußen (auch bei Schnee) und meine Augen erfreuen sich bester Gesundheit.

Devastation gave me the drive to succeed

postato da teganlucas il 09/09/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: fashion
How She Did It: 'Devastation gave me the drive to succeed' Anita Kaushal is the co-founder of Mauli Rituals; a British brand of luxe skin and bodycare products, inspired by her Indian, Ayurvedic...

Giulianello di Cori: ‘La ragazza ultrà’, incontro con Angelo Dolce

postato da MarcoCastaldi il 05/05/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: cori
Appuntamento sabato 7 Maggio, alle ore 18:00, presso la Delegazione comunale, per un coinvolgente viaggio nel rapporto tra potere politico, arte, calcio e tifo. Oltre all’autore interverrà...

The best fake tan for pale skin

postato da eelizabeth il 16/04/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: fashion
  The universal truth about a tan is that everyone looks better with one - as long as it’s safe of course. Be it the glow from a holiday abroad or looking sunkissed from skilful use of something...

Sony FES Watch U is its second e-paper fashion accessory

postato da eelizabeth il 31/08/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: fashion
  Sony's original e-paper FES watch never made it out of Japan but it clearly got enough attention for the Sony-owned Fashion Entertainment to launch a new edition, the FES Watch U.   Like the...

A Cori la 52ª edizione del Festival Pontino di Musica

postato da MarcoCastaldi il 11/07/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: cori
L’appuntamento è per venerdì 15 Luglio alle ore 21.30 per una serata di “Jazz, classica e altro” con Ialsax Quartet.

In Luxury, Success Requires More Than Just Product

postato da rayqi2018 il 05/04/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: dress + fashion
More, more, more is not the way to achieve growth in this digitally obsessed and ever more competitive era, according to luxury goods executives and analysts trying to strategize for the future....

Totem pubblicitari: gli indispensabili per un evento di successo!

postato da grace_opt il 26/04/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: totem pubblicitari
I totem pubblicitari sono degli articoli che si sono diffusi in modo davvero notevole.

Indy 500 blog: 188 cited at IMS during Indy 500 weekend

postato da grazia il 30/05/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: dresses
Indy 500 blog: 188 cited at IMS during Indy 500 weekend

Executive Level Shifts

postato da eelizabeth il 18/05/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: fashion + style
Fashion's Latest Round of Musical Chairs Joined by Executive Level Shifts While fashion’s top creative directors have been switching seats with quite a bit of frequency lately, so too have the...

Want a special jalabiya for Eid

postato da eelizabeth il 20/06/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: style
  Itchy fabrics and cheap embellishments: these are some of the woes of shopping for evening wear on the high street. Though you might find something that somewhat speaks to you, you rarely spot a...

Alexander Wang on Being Inspired by Ralph Lauren

postato da eelizabeth il 11/06/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: style
  “My mom did try to push the violin and piano on me but that was very short lived,” Alexander Wang said on Thursday night in a talk as the featured guest for The Atelier With Alina Cho at the...

Prabal Gurung Pays It Forward Through a Program

postato da eelizabeth il 27/07/2016
Categoria: Eventi - tags: fashion
Prabal Gurung Pays It Forward Through a Program for Emerging Thai Designers For young designers, there are few things that can catapult them into the public eye (with a nice chunk of change in...
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