We suspect that the laser that can cut metal is dangerous because it must be very powerful. Fortunately, you certainly can't get this material anyway. Through the pros and cons, I think you've...

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We suspect that the laser that can cut metal is dangerous because it must be very powerful. Fortunately, you certainly can't get this material anyway.

Through the pros and cons, I think you've seen a blue laser pointer. These are more misleading because we don't feel anything when its light touches us. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that the laser pointer is safe. For the... For the skin! But in our bodies, we have more sensitive areas, and the most powerful lasers are not without danger: eyes!

The laser is only light in very special conditions, but still very light. It emits a lot of energy and heats it up and burns it. The big difference between lighting up our light and the light of the laser is that the latter is very concentrated, and the light of the bulb is scattered throughout the space. You can see the difference between a flashlight and a flashlight near the wall. By pulling back the light, you will see the light gradually increase. If you do the same thing with a laser, no matter how far you are, you'll see a point where the light stays the same. The light is concentrated at one point, which makes it more powerful.

In addition to the concentration of light through the laser, our eyes focus on the cornea and the magnifying lens (see photo). Their role is important because they can project light (yellow) from the retina to the back of the eye. But if the light is too strong, the burning of the retina and the brain reading the information can be misunderstood (blurring, the lack of color... ).

Everyone should have a powerful laser pointer in the jungle that has become the world. So this copy of Star Wars lightsaber helps you fight the evil daily struggle against the dark side of resistance, in any case, because it's a flashlight! A replica of the lightsaber deals with the jedi Star Wars, which has the diffuse benefit of three LED soft blue or red, depending on whether you are a jedi or black samurai!

It may have happened, rather than deliberately receiving the light of a laser pointer. But don't worry, our bodies are doing well, and our eyes have developed a second reflex. As long as our eyes see beams of light like a laser light, we have a reflective gaze. In this case, small laser Pointers aren't enough to hurt our eyes. But if you're looking at the laser (it's not hard to do, just think), or if you're facing a more powerful laser, it can be very dangerous.

In addition to the possible dangers of the eye, it could also cause blindness in airplane pilots. Do not point the laser at the direction of the aircraft. If the laser is in contact with the cockpit, the pilot may be dazzled and out of control.

Finally, don't order a laser to your friend or in your eyes, but if your eyes meet the laser pointer, you shouldn't have any problems with our protective reflection.

A recent addition to the court's astronomer toolbox has been flagged as a potential weapon in the terrorist Arsenal. The humble laser pointer, used in thousands of laser pointer, stars and the constellation for beginners, come under fire from the United States federal and state authorities in the tens of thousands of the following events in the laser beam has been "painting" aircraft in flight.

On January 4, 2005, in the most notorious case, David, a New Jersey astronomer, was charged with interfering with the operations of the airliner and lying in the federal investigation. After being arrested a week earlier, he allegedly fired a green laser pointer at a private jet near an airport nearby and was sent to a police helicopter to look for gangsters. According to a criminal complaint, after the first rebuke of her seven-year-old daughter, the suspect admitted that he had given her a guided tour of the night sky. He faced a possible 20-year sentence, but was eventually sentenced to two years' probation.

The truth, of course, is between the two. Properly used, the laser pointer is fairly safe. But abuse or malice, they can indeed be dangerous. In fact, the number of pilots reported by the FAA has increased dramatically over the past decade. (a company now offers glasses designed specifically to block green lasers.) Apparently, many homeowners see these devices as toys and don't realize the dangers they pose - planes flying overhead and others on the ground. Here are some basic information about the laser Pointers used by amateur astronomers, as well as some tips on safe use.

If you look directly at the beam of green laser gloves - you definitely can't do this! - you'll see places brighter than the sun (everyone knows you shouldn't look at the sun). The laser intensity at any distance is much higher than that of the same high energy source, and it will launch into a wider Angle.

According to Samuel m. gold wasser engineer, it keeps on laser comprehensive web site called laser FAQ Sam, if you want to find a pointer to a laser beam miles, as it seems to be the light bulb light in the distance in less than 100 feet see 100 watts. Most people will feel this uncomfortable light and instinctively blink and/or transfer.3b and 4 types of lasers used for industrial applications and outdoor lighting are much more powerful than individual portable units. There is no doubt that these lasers can be harmful to drivers, so their use is regulated and airline pilots are trained to avoid them. Although a triple-a pointer is generally legal, many countries and countries have passed laws that make it illegal to point to a laser pointer, a mobile vehicle, or even another person. The problem set up the collimator is that thousands of people are in the hands of consumers and there is no way to ensure their safe use.

Astronomy Laser 300mW

Direct observation of the laser pointer, but at a fairly large distance, may lead to temporary glare - or damage - you get a flash of a flash for the same effect immediately. These effects can last a few seconds to a few minutes. Glare, reduced or lost central vision, duration only exposed to the beam.

Green 100mw laser pointer is we find the best way to highlight the common object in the night sky, "Mr Monti robson, commercial airlines and enthusiastic amateur astronomers said the pilot, he regularly observation period of high school students and their families observatory in Connecticut, John," I will be very disappointed, "Robinson said, adding that" if the teaching of these tools help, by legal restrictions." Amateur astronomers can use common sense to reduce the risk of such results, follow the safety practices described above and others safely use laser Pointers in education.