Arabs believe that Opal Stone has fallen from the gleaming universe, and that it has acquired its magical color. In ancient Greece, they were thought to have the power to foresee and foresee the...

moissanite and precious gemstone difference

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On the same piece of gems, you can see the ruby color and the mystery of the amethyst. It is a wonderful thing. Opal Stone combines the colorful colors and transforms into one. Unbelievable brilliance, exudes a unique charm, let people inadvertently fall in love with its magic. The value of Opal semi precious stones wholesale depends on a number of factors: embryo body tone, brightness, pattern design, color layer thickness, flaws, and color-changing games, all of which play an important role in the valuation of Opal. Opal usually calculates the price in units of "carats". Other important factors include cutting, sanding, size and shape. The following small series will introduce you to the value factors and selection techniques of Opal .

Messi Gems is Located in “the City of Artificial Gemstone”, the biggest gemstone producing base and trading market. Messi Gems has already become one of the leading manufacturers, supply wholesalers and distributors all over world with loose stones.Perhaps  you are not concerned about the slightest difference in  characteristics, but rather "wearing Mo Sangshi, will people feel that  it is not a diamond?" he  cutting union of Moissan is divided into five grades.

 There are even rumors that Moissanite will lose color when worn for a long time, and the light will disappear when it falls. In fact, it is impossible to lose color. Although Moissanite is artificially cultivated, it is not a chromosome. How can it lose color? Purely nonsense, Moissanite's qualities are as permanent as diamonds.Why does Moissanite original gemstone drill have a layer of white fog on the surface for a long time?
For a long time, there is usually a layer of white fog. In fact, this layer of white mist is the fat of food or human body. Moissanite stone is as lipophilic as diamonds, so even diamonds will happen.

Moissanite ranges from colorless to green, yellow and gray. The high-quality Moissanite is preferably colorless. At this time, the Moissanite stone is surper clear, and the light can be condensed and bloomed then formed a colorful fire effect. The low-quality Moissanite , because the color is not transparent enough, the light will be mixed into the variegated color, which will affect the vision. The best grade is  EXCELLENT, and the worst is POOR. Generally, the GOOD grade is more  common on the market.Cutting  is a factor that can directly determine the value of Moissanite.

The Orientals respect the opal stone and regard it as a sacred semi precious gemstones for sale representing the spirit of loyalty. Opal Stone "filled the hearts of the gods with joy."Clarity, the clarity refers to the amount of tiny needle-like impurities present during the formation of moissanite wholesale gemstones manufacturer. The high-quality Moissanite, which is extremely rare, and it is indistinguishable by naked eye and has no effect on light refraction. The low-quality Moissanite has more impurities, which affects the refraction of light.

The Arabs believe that Opal Stone has fallen from the gleaming universe, and that it has acquired its magical color. In ancient Greece, they were thought to have the power to foresee and foresee the aura of their masters. Queen Josephine had a gem called "Troy Burning", named after its dazzling color change. The great literati of Elizabeth I was among the most enthusiastic admirers.

Good  cutting can improve the high refractive index and high dispersion  performance of Moissanite, and it can perfectly display the charm of  Moissanite, and often the value will be high.The answer is: no. Wearing Moissanite, most people think it is a good diamond. Even most of the Moissanite is more complete than the diamond. Because  the natural one is always a little bit sturdy, and the Wholesale gemstone supplier china  cultivated in the laboratory is more controllable in quality, the good  Moissan stone is almost perfect.