Former Basel World 2017 - MCT Dodekal One D110 with digital mechanical hour display luxury MCT replica watches.There is one thing to know about MCT watches ... they do not do things like...
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Former Basel World 2017 - MCT Dodekal One D110 with digital mechanical hour display

luxury MCT replica watches.There is one thing to know about MCT watches ... they do not do things like others, while playing time, we all agree with their watches, large numbers are displayed on the rotating prism just on the other side compared with the traditional hand The So for the "Basel New World 2017", Dennis Giguet (founder of MCT) once again appeared some unusual digital time that recalled the old electronic equipment LCD screen, but do not worry, there is no use of quartz movement. This is the MCT Dodekal One D110 and its cool time display.

Love at first sight, MCT Dodekal One D110 completely in the previous brand creation. On the outside, we found a large square (reasonable 42mm x 42mm size) shell and a highly designed lug, open center part. This is mostly titanium, but there are several versions to choose from. The first is the traditional full titanium version, no coating. The second is to display a black DLC coating on the back and bezel, and the middle insert also includes an earring made of 18k pink gold. Both are equipped with one of the most black dials, still have some color accents, reminiscent of this situation in the material (titanium version on the silver and black version of the gold). However, there are some novelty in dialing.Richard Mille RM 11-01 Flyback Chronograph ROBERTO MANCINI replica watch

MCT Dodekal One D110's main attraction is its display. For minutes, nothing is too complicated. A short red finger ran through the dial in 60 minutes. But do not imagine it is a simple hand because it does not rotate on the central axis. In fact, it is driven by a wheel that you can see in the lower left part of the dial, which drives the peripheral wheel around the center. What is the center of the sign. The MCT Dodekal concept is actually a reinterpretation of the 1970s electronic watch, its basic LCD display (remember the black light on the green screen). Thus proudly exposed in the middle is a large double-digit display of the time (from 0 to 12), but driven by a sophisticated high-level watch mechanism.

The digital jump hour display is driven by a rotating plate, guided by a circular cam, with multiple segments printed in white, rotated and displayed the correct time. Compared with other watches with such a display, it seems to be a clever design because the use of the whole is quite basic (using less moving parts). So it will definitely stay reliable. Again, compared to the Dodekal One D110, the MCT's strength has always been to create a complex display that is far from the traditional hand while maintaining good readability.

In order to provide power to the MCT Dodekal One D110, its digital display is a brand new movement, the caliber MCT-D1 is a solid gold micro rotor with automatic engine. It is defeated at 2.5Hz, offering 50 hours of power storage and has not less than 62 rubies. This movement is the same as the brand, hand-finished Geneva stripes and anglage on the bridge.



MCT watches, independent brands of present and future

You must know how much love we have here, in monochrome watches, standalone and unspecified times. In this small and highly creative industry, a brand has been proud of: MCT watches and its unique prismatic watches. Brand founder and CEO Denis Giguet and Pierre Jacques, as well as two men after the MCT watch, explained the shortcomings of operating such a manufacturer. They discussed the unique ultra-creative display and the details of complex mechanisms, animating each MCT Watch, and share some ideas for the future of the brand. "Monochrome Video Week" today takes you into the unusual field; tabulation of the ground.BRM V12-44 V12-44 Gulf White replica watch

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So far, you should know that we celebrate our tenth anniversary this year. So we are organizing several times. After our latest game, you have the chance to win a Garrick leather handbag this week we offer you a new, not just a participant, but none of you will have the chance to win a very cool MCT watch Leather watch bag. MCT watch is an "independent" watchmaker scene one of the interesting actors, which is why we also want you to this quite special watch the field of view.

MCT watches or manufacturing Contemporaine du Temps, established by Denis Giguet in 2007. From the beginning, the goal is to use a unique, bold, highly creative way to create watches to show time. Forget three hands to run on a circular dial. At MCT, time tells the difference ... but different meaning does not mean it is impossible to read. The basic concept is built around the four modules, showing the time through five triangular prisms, where the pivot shows the time, and the center minute plate rotates counterclockwise 90 degrees per hour to show the time. While it is very impressive that this also means that there is a very complex movement behind it, of course the interior is developed and manufactured by Hublot CLASSIC FUSION 511.NO.1181.LR replica watch

MCT has developed several watches, including square order one or order two. No matter how complicated these watches are in mechanical, they are still creative, very impressive, and ultimately easy to read - that's what we cherish. It is to create a complex and unusual display of things, but we can not forget the main goal of the watch: show time. MCT is here success.

This is the main reason for today, except for the chance of four people to win the MCT leather watch roll, and we want you to answer some questions about other ways to show the time. Do you like it? Would you buy such a watch? Should we know more about them and explain in detail how it works? Register a few questions that these dials may be yours.