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Laser TV Into People's Lives

Laser TV Into People's Lives

Laser pointer TV is currently the attention of a number of very high, can say collection currently projection industry's most cutting-edge technology: laser source, reflective ultra short focus lens and intelligent system, this is the new elements in the projector industry, laser TV easily achieve 100 inch super large screen, attractive for ordinary consumers is very high, but due to the configuration of the many avant-garde technology, so prices have been soaring, which makes many consumers can not accept. So some people ask, when the laser TV can fall to ten thousand dollars? The author, from the perspective of technology and market, believes that the arrival of this day will not let us wait too long.

Laser light source of the cost has been high, but with the projection industry for laser light source development speed to accelerate, 20000mw laser light source of cost reduction is also very fast, especially after laser + phosphors, the cost of laser light source is plummeting. Liquid crystal display (LCD) development history of the familiar friends all know, the original LED backlight LCD is also very expensive, but is blue LED with phosphor let the cost of the entire market will continue to decline, now 1000 yuan can buy a 27 inch products, which in the past is not dared to imagine. Blue laser + phosphor is also played a role in the program, the current program has become the mainstream of laser light source program.

Currently on the market there have been a lot of laser TV appears, although 4K's products are still more than 50 thousand yuan, but the price of 1080P laser TV does have a lot of new dynamic. In May when the market the 16999 yuan single laser TV, and recently on the market appeared in the price 19999 yuan package of products, including curtains and burning laser pointers projector of the entire system. The emergence of these products, a full description of the laser TV edge costs has now reached 2 million yuan level, may the price is high, sales in the market as a whole does not appear large growth, but there is no doubt, such a price to stimulate the market, make laser high-end TV price system collapsed.

The present situation of laser TV development in the primary stage, overall price system is not clear, with more manufacturers to join, the awareness of the laser television will rising, laser TV will no longer be high-end positioning, to improve sales, first of all to reduce the price, once fell into a million yuan is 5000mw green laser TV sales rise. This is almost all brand manufacturers are trying to do things.

Actually family display device, is still to LCD TV based, but the size of LCD TV arrived 60 inches after, has been basically no continue to rise space, the 100 inch LCD TV is not only expensive, the assembly is very not easy. So the 2000mw green laser TV is the effective supplement of large size, from the point of view of the LCD TV price system, 3000 yuan is the entry of products, high-end products is the level of 6000 yuan, and laser TV location in million yuan or so is the right place.

From the technical point of view, the development of laser light source, low cost solution appear let laser TV of the decline in the cost of a lot of space, at present on the market has many brands in low impact; from the perspective of market positioning, laser TV million yuan price is appropriate, to supplement the 65 inches above the market price many consumers still accept. Therefore the laser TV prices fell inevitable is very fast, in fact, to know or green laser 3000mw TV last year the cheapest level of 5 million yuan, a few years is 20000 yuan, the author thinks that by this time next year, perhaps we will be surprised laser TV has ushered in the era of million yuan.