The specific study states that this collision-free shock acceleration mechanism will produce this high-quality.

Laser-driven Proton Knife Will Treat Cancer

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Recently, the media released a laser treatment of tumor research results. The specific study states that this collision-free shock acceleration mechanism will produce this high-quality, high-energy proton beam theory that satisfies the laser proton knife treatment by scaling proton energies to 100 MeV volts under the existing laser pointer conditions kill tumor cell requirements.

Allegedly, in the study, researchers using ultra-short round-polarized ultra-short laser pulse ultrashort laser bombardment of nano-thickness thin film target, obtained a strong flow, quasi-single energy high-quality proton beam, proton energy spectrum peak energy 9MeV, peak flow intensity of up to 3 × 1012 protons / MeV / sr, become able to kill tumor cells and protect the healthy cells of the laser proton beam.

In fact, the high-energy proton beam has a unique Bragg peak when it is transported in the material. In brief, the energy lost by the proton during transmission is very little. After a certain transmission distance, most of the energy of the proton beam is mainly deposited at the end. Therefore, this property is applied to the treatment of cancer in vivo and effectively protects healthy cells while effectively utilizing the high energy at the terminal to kill the cancer cells. In fact, based on traditional accelerator proton knife tumor treatment at home and abroad have made great progress. Due to the cost is very difficult to popularize. This time, ultra-short circular polarizer tile green laser light driver to accelerate the formation of high-quality proton beam, due to its acceleration gradient (energy per unit particle gain) is much larger than the traditional accelerator, greatly reducing the size of the accelerator, which is expected to reduce the cost of treatment, a The new generation of cancer proton scalpel treatment, the results of this study also represents a laser-driven proton knife program a major step forward.

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It is understood that this ultra-short ultra-short laser pulse generated by ultra-short, high-quality high-energy proton beam can also be applied to proton photography and material testing, laser fusion fast ignition, laboratory astrophysics, laser nuclear physics and nuclear medicine aspects of research.