Josephus Jelianggao, the chief commissioner of the warden of the Tarissaj city prison, said he hopes the prison will also send out signal interference to prevent illegal use of mobile phones in...
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Josephus Jelianggao, the chief commissioner of the warden of the Tarissaj city prison, said he hopes the prison will also send out signal interference to prevent illegal use of mobile phones in the facility. This means that any smuggled calls entering the agency will be quickly identified. In addition, it will be relatively easy to create a list of authorized phones (held by guards, office workers, etc.) and route calls from these devices to the communication network. Or, we must ask ourselves why the guard on duty needs a phone. Mobile phones were seized in blocks 1, 2, 3, and 4 and in a high-security block. Two months ago, a telephone jammer was installed in the prison. Last year, 72 cases of mobile phones were reportedly recorded, and this year there are 64 cases. A prison official told TNIE: "During the raid, we robbed the phone from the toilet, rainwater system and even shoes." "Someone tore the back of the slippers, put it on the phone, and put it back. In most cases The prisoners hide their mobile phones in awkward places or ordinary places for daily use."

I live in peacetime. But some countries have terrorists. You may have used an RC bomb. Mobile alarms are mainly used for official purposes in the fight against terrorism. It is used as a commodity to prevent organized crime. The drone bombing is in danger. Use remote control jammers to prevent terrorist bomb control. This is an effective measure to protect people's livelihood. In recent years, terrorist attacks have occurred frequently. The issue of terrorism has been widely debated around the world. It caused a lot of damage. You must be careful. Bomb attacks are an important tool for terrorists. The government has a dedicated bomb disposal team. If there is a suitable phone jamming device at the bomb location, no signal will be sent. You can see that nothing happens. Therefore, military and law enforcement agencies will use this device.

The new technology is practical and has many advantages. It can also cause serious problems. Deterrent devices are becoming more and more popular, depending on the type of frequency required. If you want to buy a mobile jammer, you need to determine if you have a portable jammer. Used to protect public places. You need to make sure to check the frequency. In a movie theater, it is best to hang up so as not to disturb other audiences. Through telephone consultation, our lives will change dramatically. I can't imagine life without smartphones. It will have an impact. It is important to protect the negotiations in the office. You can use the device as an out-of-range device. Jammer's equipment has been certified and can be used in industrial facilities, strictly confidential items, and small and medium enterprises. You can ensure the safety and privacy of your personal life. With the help of advanced interference technology, high-quality products can be produced.

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more children begin to enjoy mobile phone text messages and various social activities. This is a national and international issue. Children use crutches like adults. Nothing seems to stop them. Liptuck thought he just wanted to stop it. As WTSP-TV reported, he used a car signal jammer, and suddenly the classroom was silent. Okay, relatively peaceful. Can students use mobile phones in class? Some parents may think that children should use mobile phones to deal with possible dangerous situations. But how can schools calm down the use of mobile phones? A school principal in Philadelphia recently tried to explain to his parents that their school would only give phones to children who would not stop using them and keep them for several weeks. The parents were not impressed.

This device is a product with a wide range of applications. Ordinary families can block radio waves in their daily life environment. You have the right to prevent inconvenience caused by mobile phones and other communication methods. All you have to do is not to interfere with it in a malicious way. There is legitimacy. Books and movie theaters hinder communication. This is a jammer that emits special radio waves to prevent communication. You can turn off this product to protect the radio waves and sound waves in the controlled environment. Turn off wireless communication. Someone will communicate during the review. You need to take some necessary measures. This makes it almost impossible to use high-quality communication. This is just one of the technical means for this. Some people think it violates the freedom of communication, so it is important to use this GPS interference wave in a reasonable way. Co., Ltd. provides anti-drone solutions. The interference of the drone and the radio interference of the drone disrupted the communication system between the drone and the pilot, and it was considered an untouchable place. The anti-drone cannon will not destroy or control the drone; it will only force the drone to land or return to the starting point. The drone killer can prevent unauthorized flying robots from reaching sensitive and vulnerable areas. This is why the new "special forces" using Russian jammers and anti-UAVs may not necessarily pose a survival risk to U.S. drones. Russian drone hunters have difficulty finding targets. A former U.S. drone developer who asked not to be named said: "It is hard to imagine whether you will know when and where.