You’re busy, so when you hire a marketing company to help you promote and build your business, you expect them to put forth at least as much effort as you would if you had the time. And they’re...

Is Your Marketing Campaign Tricking or Treating Your Patients

postato da lilyeven12 il 15/06/2018
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You’re busy, so when you hire a marketing company to help you promote and build your business, you expect them to put forth at least as much effort as you would if you had the time. And they’re doing this, right? Or are they? Your patients, both current and potential, are savvy consumers. They know when they’re being tricked by bogus strategies and when they’re being treated to quality marketing services. Here are a few examples of the tricks and treats of the trade. Reviews Trick: Lesser marketing companies will get an exemplary review from a patient, which is great, and then use it on third-party websites. Sure, they may post the review on the doctor’s website and in their Facebook news feed, but none of the above are where potential patients go to read reviews. Because few people will ever see the review, its efficacy goes to waste. Treat: A more effective marketing strategy is to ask your patients to provide reviews on trusted sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook and leave them in the section designated for reviews. Seventy percent of patients say that their choice of dentist was influenced by online reviews, so it’s in your best interest for them to be posted to sites where they are most likely to be seen. Social Media Trick: Marketing companies know that you expect to see posts on social media sites, but they sometimes like to take shortcuts. Instead of creating new, individualized content for each client, they will use the same copy on hundreds of clients’ Facebook pages. When a potential patient sees the same post again and again, it sends a message that building patient relationships is not a priority, so why would they feel compelled to pick any of those practices? Treat: Online profiles should be consistent and customized to the unique personality of your practice. Posts should be frequent, at least three to four times a week, and allow patients to know that they’ll feel comfortable in your chair dental supplies. They want to see happy patients, happy employees, and happy interactions between the two. They like to see what your office looks like and learn about the latest office happenings. Patient posts and reviews must be responded to so potential patients can see that your relationship with your patients extends beyond their 2 visits a year. Client Complacency Trick: A marketing campaign that focuses solely on bringing in new patients is limited and short-sighted. Worse, it could drive your current patients, who are your most effective promotional tools, out the back door dental lab supplies australia. Treat: Build lasting relationships with the patients who are already loyal to you. Use your online presence to make them know that they are part of your practice’s family. Not only could updates, education, and information be just what it takes to get them to commit to a treatment plan, but these strategies also increase the likelihood that they will recommend you to their friends and family. Trick or Treat? Check out your digital presence. Are there multiple patient reviews posted to reliable sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook? Are your Facebook posts frequent and one of a kind dental air compressor? Are you using online sources to solidify your relationships with current patients? If not, it may be time to give your practice and patients a well-deserved treat!