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Bruce Lee, the legendary Kung Fu superstar, is a generation of Oriental legends. He is famous for his unique Jeet Kune Do martial arts achievements. In 2015, the 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee's birth. In order to commemorate this generation of masters, the Swiss watch brand Hublot <a href="">replica luxury watches</a> will hold "the 75th anniversary exhibition of legend never dies Bruce Lee" with Bruce Lee Foundation in New York. Hong Kong, a comprehensive display of Kung Fu King's brilliant achievements and its unique review of the world of martial arts <a href="">Replica HUBLOT 400.NX.1100.RX</a> . On November 28, 2015, Ricardo Guadalupe, the Global CEO of <a href="">luxury replica watches</a>, and Louis Biver, the general manager of Yubo in Greater China, teamed up with her daughter, Ms. Li Xiangning and famous Kung Fu superstar Bruce Lee, the founder of Bruce Lee, and her daughter, Ms. Li Xiangning Lee) and officially released the 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee's <a href="">buy replicas watch</a>.
With regard to the exhibition and release of limited edition <a href="">discount replica watc</a>h, Ricardo Guadalupe, chief executive of universal watch, said: "as a model of the 20th century and the most influential Kung Fu superstar in history, Bruce Lee really interprets the art of cultural integration between the East and the West. Based on his personal martial arts philosophy, he broke through the traditional boundaries and created a new martial arts: Jeet kune do, which is a supplement to Hublot watch. On Mr. Lee's 75th birthday, <a href="">Hublot watches replica</a> is honored to hold a commemorative exhibition with him and launch a limited edition watch to honor the pioneers of this era. "The most respected is his investment in martial arts, which is worth our learning and inheritance!