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Cryptocurrencies are a digital medium that uses encryption to make and record transactions. The technology behind their existence, the Blockchain, makes their most important feature possible: the cryptocurrency system is a decentralized monetary system, not controlled by any central body. No central bank. No government. 

Transactions (sending and receiving money) are processed at very low costs, extremely lower than the basic rate to be paid, for example, for a traditional transfer.

Cryptocurrency today is a global phenomenon: everyone has heard of it and many mistakenly identify it with Bitcoin. But, although it is true that there were no cryptomains before Bitcoin, it is also true that today Bitcoin is only one of dozens and dozens of critpovalute in circulation.

Because what has the power to change the world is not (only) Bitcoin ... it's the Blockchain! A shared and immutable digital register, which can be applied to many different areas; so far it seems that the cryptocurrency one is largely the most exploited.

After the Bitcoin, dozens of Altcoins (alternative currencies) were introduced to the market. The technology and basic principles (blockchain and decentralization) are the same as Bitcoin, but the features are different and ... interesting. 

Il Litecoin per molto tempo è stato l’unica alternativa al Bitcoin, e ancora oggi è definito l’argento digitale; Monero è l’Altcoin il cui principio fondamentale è l’anonimato assoluto; Ethereum - una criptovaluta e molto di più (mette a disposizione strumenti per sviluppare nuove blockchain, contratti intelligenti, applicazioni e organizzazioni decentralizzate); Ripple - la criptovaluta che va incontro alle banche, permettendo transazioni in valute diverse senza soluzione di continuità; e tante, tante altre... But despite the continued growth in the number and value of Altcoins in circulation, Bitcoin still remains the undisputed queen. Even today it is the most popular, the one that is worth more, and, thanks to its history - those who bought 1 dollar of bitcoin in 2009, today find themselves with just under 4 million dollars! - the one that still manages to make us dream.