Tables known richard mille mclaren for their historical heritage often publish countless historically inspired works for their Heritage Collection. For Basel Watch Fair 2018, they chose to offer a new vision based on the old legend, to modern, elegant The new black PVD legendary diver watch.

This latest black legendary watch is also the first time the brand has provided complete processing for the watch. Many of the classical design elements are still preserved, only the complexity of the dates and the modernity of the style have been improved.

The original design of the original watch can be reproduced in the world, the semi-circular mirror and the built-in two-way bezel, which restored the technical characteristics of the year, quite retro feelings. While recreating the spirit of exploration in the 1960s, the new watch also incorporated resistance to outstanding performance of modern diving watches. The modern black PVD case, a synthetic sapphire crystal, two screw-in crowns, and a screw-in back case ensure a waterproof performance of 300 meters. The diving bezel can be controlled by the crown at 2 o'clock to help the diver confirm the remaining dive time.

Take a look at this fake richard thousand watchmaking traditional series L2. watch, equipped with automatic mechanical movement, case and strap are made of gold material (18K rose gold), in which the case is set with 30 top Wei The Selton VVS grade diamond has a total weight of 0.501 carats. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with 12 tops Wesselton VVS diamonds with a total weight of 0.048 carats. It has a date display function, a back through, a diameter of 29.5 mm and a waterproof of 50 meters. The price is 44,000 yuan (based on the actual price). This is a female watch with a diamond inlay. This elegant series L5. watch is equipped with a quartz movement, the case is made of gold (stainless steel / 18K rose gold), in which case is set with 32 top , the dial is set with 212 top price).

The black PVD coating has a classic and elegant design that looks bit retro, and this black legendary looks deep and refined yet modern.

This watch still features the legendary diver's signature double helix crown for the watch's winding, the other for the internal diver's bezel, the inner rotating bezel locks into place through the crown, swiss replica watches and a screw-in The back of the watch Ensures a professional waterproof rating of 300 meters.

The new legendary diver's black lacquered features a high-definition

The automatic mechanical movement is based on the general hand-dial linked list plus an automatic part: automatic tow and automatic wheel. The spring can be tightened by the automatic towing in any direction.

The automatic watch sold in a stopped state when you come out. When you watch, you need to wind up the clock (rotate the handle 25 turns clockwise). After that, if you wear enough time every day, the automatic camera can give The clock source replenishes the energy so the automatic watch goes off.

Generally, a fully automatic watch should be used for more than 8 hours a day. It is recommended to wear a watch on holidays, and it will not stop if it is constantly energized by the wearer. Nowadays, people who work in the office are common. Watches often stop. The wearer's lack of exercise can not add enough energy to the clockwork. For this reason, you can use the hand to dial. The replica watches uk clockwork method is used to make up.